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  1. Use MFR's rednet cable, it allows you to specify the color to set in the cc api. not sure if u can do the same with projectred cables
  2. Well, I did help build his mobtrap, but he gave me trust to his claim, otherwise I couldn't have built it. I'll PM Pious, btw if his base did get griefed afterwards I'll bet he knew I'd help him rebuild so I don't see why he would report me. He even has containertrust on my claim, whole thing seems rather odd. I don't know how to reach chimzor1, just met him ingame.
  3. Well, I didn't grief any bases as far as I know, incase it's chimzor1 he's building adjacent to my base so that might explain it. Thanks for getting back to me so soon.
  4. Hye, I got banned, without knowing why. Pretty damn sure I didn't disrespect or insult anyone. Could you get back to me with the reason I was banned please ? Kind regards
  5. Hye everyone, gonna be online more often again, started a new project.
  6. I'm sure reax will get it back online soon, left him a message on steam.
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