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  1. Server has a brand new ip lets all have a wonderful community come play hazardouskillzone now and get started with your faction and or taking on the world alone your choice see you all there!!
  2. New server ip and hexxit server is back woot latest version
  3. For al of you wondering what happened to the server i was away on vacation and the server didnt get paid for so it went down but now its back up
  4. Hello everyone HazardousKillZone is back yet again this time on the latest version of big dig and lots more fun stuff comming soon to this server!!
  5. Hello everyone im debatin on bring the server back as big dig or as hexxit you decide
  6. Server IP: node45.minecrafted.net:25614Server rules: No spamming, No capslock, No advertising, No griefing , No asking for ranks or items, Swearing is allowed to an extent, No building near spawn you have to build 80-100 blocks away from spawn. Any mods removed: Dimensional doors is gone it causes to many memory leaks and making the server crash as well and so is mystcraft it also causes memory leaks. A list of all banned items: Nothing currently banned. All major plugins on your server: GroupManager, WorldEdit, AutoMessage, MotdManager, Vault, ClearLag, Votifier, WorldGuard, GAListener, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, WhatIsIt, NoItem, EssentialsChat, GlobalMarket Hello everyone this server is a grief prevention server and there is no world border, and its fun for everyone so come join today create your home or base get the coolest equipment and build up the best stuff in the server!! " This server is 24/7 unless something fatally goes wrong with server files or errors
  7. Why would i be trolling? Btw its like Mountain time or something like that it's currently 1:17 am and maybe i am not good with telling timezones you gonna judge me on that not everyone is as good as you thanks.
  8. Age:18 IGN:Jbreed Timezone:uh not sure maybe you can help me to figure out what it is lol Why do you want to play on the server?: Because im sick of not being able to play in a friendly community and have to constantly look over my shoulder to see if someone is griefing me or ready to kill me
  9. Server is not whitelisted anymore spawn is nearly finished and yeah. Come join us today and adventure into the hardcore factions that we have thanks and see you all there!!
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