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  1. Here is a log, if that's useful http://pastebin.com/6QqCBf8M
  2. Having the same problem, but observed something interesting. I have a folder with the modpack contents, and I have one that is a zip file with the same contents, which I send to dropbox for the public file. I get this error, but when I replace the contents in the /technicpack/my-mod with the folder files (the ones I haven't zipped), it works... Please keep me posted if you find a solution to this problem. My pack is also private by the way.
  3. Thanks, that fixed the crashing. Now i've set up a crafting system but it doesen't seem to be working.. Here are some screenshots: It says I'm missing 4 wood planks but the crafting table is set up so that 1 oak wood = 4 wood planks. https://copy.com/97IrtXGC9wBxYumL
  4. I can't use logistics pipes, for when I place one, crash and cannot enter my world again. I need logistics pipes for something i'm making. Here is the main error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: buildcraft.transport.PipeTransport.delveIntoUnloadedChunks()Z Here is the whole log: http://pastebin.com/0fzuJ897 Thank you in advence! :)
  5. Same problem.. I think i'm making a thread of this problem myself, no one seems to be addressing it.
  6. Whenever I try to power any conductive pipe with any type of engine, the power builds up in the pipe and explodes. I have triple checked that I have no loops in my pipes. Here is a video: (please watch for a better idea of the problem) Annoying because I can't get any power to my machines... Thank you in advance. Edit: It worked fine until 4 days ago