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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the comments, we've upgraded the server hardware since this post and unbanned a few items including canvas bags Thanks!
  2. Please note, this is a TEKKIT LITE Server! This means that you need to select Tekkit Lite, when loading your Technic Launcher Mods Removed: MystCraft, Chicken Chunks, Dimensional Doors You can find us at: Server IP = Website Address = www.LiteItUp.Enjin.com So why should you choose Lite It Up? So you're probably asking; what makes this server better than the others? Well, let's give you a small preview of what we have to offer. Dedicated Server Hosting Widely expanding friendly player base Staff with over 3 years experience Player ran economy and towns Va
  3. Some new plugins installed, including PorteCulissante. Permissions updated so members have more freedom in-game. Spawn/Shops updated and added Towns.
  4. Fantastic, organised server, with dedicated staff and a fast growing playerbase!
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