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  1. Welcome, Lite Gaming Presents Tekkit Lite It Up "Now With Tekkit Lite SkyBlock!''. We Offer: - Great Staff - Awesome Community - First Ever Tekkit Lite SkyBlock!! - 24/7 Server No Lag Always at 20 TPS! - World Wide Player Base - All Languages Accepted - Donater Shop With Great Perks And Ranks - Grief Protection - PvP Arenas - Stable Economy - Active Players Please Visit Our Website @ www.liteitup.enjin.com Server I.P: TekkitLiteitUp.net
  2. Server Has Had A Recent Map Reset Now the Chance to start a New Journey . As well Quarries Are now Working.
  3. Its Very Dangerouse to use your home i.p to run a server, I suggest you use a cheap host that way you can keep it up 24/7, its the same thing just server is run from a databank, id suggest going with www.buygamingservers.com they have 1 click installs for any mod pack including Ftb.
  4. And the reason we have players is because we have great staff we do not ban people for no reason, its not for nothing we are top tekkit lite server on the server list either, we are an evergrowing comunity with More and more new players Everyday.
  5. Im Sorry To Hear That You Have Been Ddosed Its Been tried On Me a couple of times but i am not downable,I can Reffer You to my Host that has Ddos Protection with his Servers P.S really Good Host And lose the Name Before Others Get Offended.Message me if you want the host info.
  6. yea this servers good they have the highest playerbase on the serverlist and there staff is great.
  7. @ FireMedic549 Yea We have a /warp shop where players can buy shop plots to create there own shops if not you can allways find the admin shop at /warp town
  8. You can find us at: Server IP = TEKKiTLiTEiTUP.NET Website Address = http://adf.ly/XjsQV So why should you choose Lite It Up? So you're probably asking; what makes this server better than the others? Well, let's give you a small preview of what we have to offer. Dedicated Server Hosting Widely expanding friendly player base Staff with over 3 years experience Player ran economy and towns Various Mini-Games and Events Few banned items We have very few rules, these are simple, and easy to follow, and include: No Griefing/Stealing No Excessive Flaming No Hacking/Duping No Advertising on our Server Hope to see you there soon!
  9. Sorry for the long wait on the update were running 1.0.4 now. Love you guys xD
  10. Heya guys i clearly see that everyone has plugins working with the new 1.0.4 but i cant get mcpc+ to work at all even tried older versions of it and still nothing gives, It keeps coming up with the error invalid or Corrupt .jar file. We have even tried redownloading still the same error comes up. Can someone please help me out?
  11. Sorry Guys had to Null I.P because of dumb Kids, Were back up now with Stronger Protection Enjoy !
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