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  1. - IGN: saker277 - Name / Nickname: saker - Age: 25 - Timezone: EST - Minecraft modded experience: Been playing modded minecraft for about 5 or 6 years now. Most recently Ive been playing the 1.7.10 pack but its hard to find a decent small server for it. - Ever been banned before? If so, why? Never been banned - Have you read the rules: Yes, I consent - Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you? I like to play on small, home hosted, whitelist servers mainly because the people there make the experience better. I mainly keep to my self and
  2. Minecraft name: saker277 Age: 21 Tell us something about you: I live on the east coast of the USA, go to college part time so i wont be online 24/7. Ill probably be on 4-5 hours a day. Why this server?: I like the mod list and smaller communities so this server seems great Do you agree with the rules: yes, and also squid like cake
  3. IGN) saker277 Age) 21 Location) USA How long have you been playing Minecraft) Almost 5 years What keeps you playing Minecraft?) Exploring all the possibilities with mod packs. I love building complex systems that use many mods functioning together.
  4. When i try to connect to the server it keeps saying: Mod Rejections [FMLMod:BigReactors{0.4.0.rc10},FMLMod:BiblioCraft{1.9.0}] I have tried deleting everything and re-downloading the mod pack but that hasn't worked, any idea what is wrong?
  5. I was accepted to the previous server but am not white listed on the new one, can i be added?
  6. IGN: saker277 Age: 20 Skype: saker27777 Ive been playing minecraft since beta 1.4, and technic for about a year and a half. Im good with most of the common tech mods like mekanism, buildcraft, thermal expansion, ender io etc. Havnt really gotten into any magic mods Im not much of a builder, I like setting up massive processing and production plants so being on a server is usually fun since there is usually someone there to help with the building as i set up all of the machinery. Im always helpful and friendly unless im attacked first but since there is no pvp that shouldn't be a problem
  7. IGN: saker277 As a long time minecraft and tekkit player I can bring 100s of hours of experience to the server, and i am happy to help anyone who ever needs help. I am no great architect by any stretch of the imagination but when it comes to building functional and efficient setups I am great. Im hoping to get on this server because the last server I was playing on has kind of died out. I love these small community servers and ive been searching for years for one that will last, since this server is lucki maybe it will be the one.
  8. Real name: Sakar Preferred name: Saker277 Minecraft Name: Saker277 Country: USA(East Coast) Years playing Minecraft: About 5 Why do you want to join this server?: I want to join because Im tired of playing solo and big servers are no fun so this one seems like a good place to go
  9. can i join your server

    IGN pegasmon

  10. Acceptance is the first step toward recovery. Good job dude!
  11. I have been playying tekkit lite solo for a while and got bored so I am starting a new tekkit server. I am looking for experienced players to help me with the initial design of the world and for admins or mods. I have never hosted a tekkit server before but I did host a minecraft server for a few months so I am hoping to get some input on the most efficient way to run a tekkit server. Initially the server will only be up when I am able to be on it. Probably between 5pm and 1am -5GMT(eastern usa), but once it is all ready to go i plan on hosting it not 24/7 but close to it. the server ip i
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