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  1. The server seems to be working now, I am not quite sure what went wrong. It automatically resets at midnight if no one is on, and I just reset it a few minutes ago. It should be working now, sorry for the downtime.
  2. That is odd indeed. Your name Cosmicjoes7 is in my whitelist. Maybe you misspelled it? I will look into things on my end as well. chatnoir9, you are whitelisted. Welcome to the server.
  3. There is no official spawnpoint yet. Cosmicjoes7, you are whitelisted. Welcome to the server. :)
  4. persige13, CyberBeastOnline, drewrocks1, and tykeal, you are all whitelisted. Welcome to the server.
  5. Hello everyone! I am extremely sorry I left you all hanging for a week T_T. Some file on the server was corrupted, and I hadn't logged on the forums in a while. Everything is fixed now, but we have suffered a map reset. To prevent this from happening again, I will take periodic backups of the map. Again, sorry to let you all down, I will never let this happen again. Also, Super_way_18 and flashsugar, you are whitelisted. Welcome to the server. -Your friendly owner TheCreeperMan990
  6. Cerea1ki11r and UnoStranoNome, you are whitelisted. Welcome to the server. Also, thanks for the feedback guys! I desire to provide the best possible tekkit environment for all of you. P.S. If you have been griefed, contact me in game or on the forums (I check the forums every morning)
  7. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [Attention: The server is now dead. Do not attempt to connect to the server, it is gone.] ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hello there! Glad you took the time to look at this thread. Anyways, this is a server I made because I was tired of playing alone, and most servers I played on shut down when they had more players. This server is a free play server- no items are banned. Of course though, the server has some rules. They are: _________________________________________________________________________________ 1. No griefing. 2. No stealing. 3. No spawn camping. 4. Respect other people. 5. No hacking. 6. Have fun =D _________________________________________________________________________________ Uptime is 24/7, I do my best to keep the server up and running. This is a server for those who just want to be part of a fun and safe community. A community free of trolls, griefers, etc. If you plan to cause trouble, then take a hike. That being said, there are a number of helpful plugins on the server. They are: _________________________________________________________________________________ -AFK -BackOnDeath -ControlTPA -Grieflog -SimpleHomes -VanishNoPacket -WorldEdit -WorldGuard -Griefprevention _________________________________________________________________________________ I have confirmed that all plugins are working. If you want your base protected, use a golden shovel (right Click in one corner, then the opposite corner of the claim). Now for the last part; The application. It is as follows: _________________________________________________________________________________ |Application Form| |Your Username:| |Your reason for joining the server:| |Are you experienced in Tekkit:| |Will you follow the rules:| _________________________________________________________________________________ The I.P. is: _________________________________________________________________________________ Have fun =D
  8. Username: TheCreeperMan990 Age:14 Reason why I want to be on this server: I want to play on a nice, friendly tekkit lite server without all sorts of complex regulations. I am a very experienced player, and would like to start again in tekkit lite. Will I follow the rules: Yes, of course.
  9. For everyone with griefing problems, use this plugin: Grief Prevention Tekkit Classic link: look at the section titled "Notes for Tekkit Servers"
  10. TheCreeperMan990 14 California, USA Coastal area, big caves. Getting a power flower and samples of all items is what I start out doing. Then, I get into IC2 and all the other mods.
  11. Its not just you They could fix the griefing with a plugin like grief prevention. Please don't let this server die Batok :(
  12. |Application Form | | Your Game NickName= TheCreeperMan990| | Age= 14| | Reason why do you want to join this server?= I just want to play on a safe, casual server without trolls and what-not.| | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= Yes, I've been learning about it for a while, from IC2 to EE2 to RedPower2 and beyond.| | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= Yes, I agree with the rules completely. |