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  1. Your In Game Name: TheCreeperMan990 Your Age: 14 How often are you planning on playing: I will probably play anywhere from seven to three days of the week, depending on how busy I am in real life. For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: I once built a force field protected dome underwater which housed a UU matter factory, nuclear reactor, and work area with all essential equipment among other things (I know, not huge, but something at least). For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: I hope to build some free food machines on this server. I began making prototypes on EterniaCraft (see below), but the server closed before I could perfect and mass produce them. For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: I have searched long and hard for a server with few banned items, great community and rules, and a whitelist. Additional Comments: I briefly found my "ideal server" in the form of EterniaCraft, but it went offline some time ago. I then created my own server, but it eventually became uninhabited, so I deleted it. I hope to start anew on this server.
  2. Hi, new to the server. just wondering if there is a form or website for the server if so any link's avalible

  3. It seems that ozoomaroo is having some terrible connection problems with the server. I will try to sort it out, but the answer may be as simple as a server reboot.

  4. I opened up a large portion of the mountain next to the village so that it could be integrated with the village instead. Just trying to keep you updated so you aren't blindsided when you get on next.

  5. Drew had an idea for a Railway system. He wants to put it where the little village is. I think the area above that would be better though.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  6. It has been a couple of days since the server was up. I managed to receive connection shortly, but was then unable to connect. Let me know when the server is up and running again.

  7. The server seems to be down, if you're updating or messing with plugins or something, let me know.

  8. This is just a directive message towards my application for said server.

  9. I haz applied for deh tekkit classic server. :3