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  1. 1. Your age 14 2. What would be your goal on the server? I generally like to build factories, vending machines, and over-the-top secure bases, as well as large companies. 3. Why should be whitelist you? I have been playing tekkit for about 2 years now, and want to play in a fun, interactive and safe community where nothing gets needlessly destroyed by trolls and griefers, and where I can help others. 4. Your IGN TheCreeperMan990 P.S.: Thanks for your consideration, I hope to see you on the server soon! =D
  2. I would like to try this server, as I enjoy the Big Dig modpack very much, especially with other people. I am very familiar with most items and mods, and can get on regularly. IGN: TheCreeperMan990 Preferred Position: I would prefer creative mode (I won't abuse it though, and won't nuke everybody repeatedly, etc.), but if you want to assign me to survival I will be fine with that. Thanks for your consideration =D
  3. In-game name: TheCreeperMan990 Age: 14 Time Zone: PTC Have you ever been banned? Please post your result here: No, I have never been banned. What is your Tekkit experience?: I have been playing tekkit classic for about a year now, and have mastered most of it's mods. Why do you want to join Fekkit?: I have been looking for a simple, no items banned server, and this seems to be what I'm looking for.
  4. Your In Game Name: TheCreeperMan990 Your Age: 14 How often are you planning on playing: I will probably play anywhere from seven to three days of the week, depending on how busy I am in real life. For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: I once built a force field protected dome underwater which housed a UU matter factory, nuclear reactor, and work area with all essential equipment among other things (I know, not huge, but something at least). For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: I hope to build some free food machines on this server. I began making prototypes on EterniaCraft (see below), but the server closed before I could perfect and mass produce them. For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: I have searched long and hard for a server with few banned items, great community and rules, and a whitelist. Additional Comments: I briefly found my "ideal server" in the form of EterniaCraft, but it went offline some time ago. I then created my own server, but it eventually became uninhabited, so I deleted it. I hope to start anew on this server.
  5. IN GAME NAME: TheCreeperMan990 AGE: 14 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: I am generally peaceful and docile, but I enjoy occasionally going to mutually agreed to wars with other players on servers that allow it. TIMEZONE: UTC United States EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: I have never been banned from any server. TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: I have knowledge in most areas of tekkit (ie: IC2, EE2, Redpower, BC, etc.) and have been playing for a year now.
  6. IGN: TheCreeperMan990 This server seems fun, and I would like to join. Also, I am all for the War/PVP aspect of this server.
  7. 1. What is your Minecraft name? TheCreeperMan990 2. How old are you? I am 14 years old. 3. Previous tekkit exp.? I've been playing Tekkit Classic for 1 year now, and have learned quite a bit about the various mods in Tekkit Classic. 4. Why do you want to join? I have played on various other servers that were great until they shut down, and I have been wanting to start on a new server ever since. 5. What can you bring to the server? I can bring knowledge, compact production lines (IE: UU matter factory, canned food factory, etc.), and friendliness. 6. What is my name? Your name is Joel. In game, it is Paajii. 7. Anything you want to tell about yourself? I am generally peaceful and docile, but if attacked, I can become quite savage, and I enjoy occasionally going to mutually agreed to wars with other players on servers that allow it. 8. Your location and timezone in GMT: Murietta, California, United States UTC-08:00. 9. Tell us shortly about yourself: I am a more or less average student who does his homework, classwork, projects, etc. Minecraft and its various mods are things I like to play in my free time. 10. Do you agree the rules? Yes, I agree completely with all of the rules and will follow them.
  8. djinmaster1 and hosmo, you are whitelisted. Welcome to the server, and sorry for the latency of my reply.
  9. TheDyer, NinjaSlayer33, and alanh1987, you are all whitelisted. Welcome to the server alexdavis45, you are not whitelisted due to your history of griefing.
  10. Controller123, tberry678, and Squidzilla88, you are all whitelisted. Welcome to the server
  11. CrashingServer and Pcdoctr, you are both whitelisted. Welcome to the server :D
  12. BaronessBamford, you are whitelisted. Welcome to the server Also, to change your home, you must do /delhome first, then /sethome.
  13. The_Wriddler, you are now whitelisted. Welcome to the server, and glad to see you again
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