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  1. Hello technickpackers! I created this server due to the lack of good friendly basic survival servers, and I hope this will be a good one! Server IP: Open 24/7 on a dedicated linux server based in Finland 4GB dedicated ram for the game server, should be enough for max 20 Server general rules: - Any hacking or duping will result in a ban - Stealing or briefing will result in a ban - Keep the chat clean from spam and swearing to minimum - Use common sense, this server should be fun for everyone! Core plugins: Antihack & grief preventation I hope to see you on the server! Keep in mind to have a friendly atmosphere, a positive mind and a fun time! - Joel /paajii
  2. I usually don't accept so young people, but as we really don't have players yet, accepted! See you soon!
  3. Introduction Hello every fellow Tekkit player! My name is Javalator, the founder of Baconfish. I've noticed that there aren't really many Classic servers left that are just meant to chill, hang out, build with friends or just explore. Every server I find is about PvP, wars etc., so today I will bring back the glory; Baconfish Tekkit Classic - The joy of Tekkit Classic- We want to bring back the joy of Tekkit Classic, to have fun and make new friends, build awesome and complex structures using machines, exploring the caves, and or doing, well, whatever you want! Our carefully selected staff will help you if you need any kind of help on the server, don't be shy, say hello! The server is hosted on the latest enterprise hardware to guarantee the best possible gaming enjoyment. You need to apply before you will be able to play on our server. Contact details Server IP: (for now, we will use a domain name later on) Skype: blomjoe Email: [email protected] IGN: Javalator Website: www.baconfish.net (in progress) Server Rules 1. Griefing will not be tolerated, every griefer will be banned. Excuses such as; "it was my brother" will not be accepted. You may apply for an un-ban at our forums, but never lie, it will only make it worse. Be a man and stay behind your actions. 2. Any kind of client modifications that will give you an advantage in-game will not be tolerated, report suspicious players to staff. 3. Abusing glitches or exploits in-game or anywhere on our website, forums etc. will not be tolerated. Be honest, we respect those. 4. Any kind of hacking, scamming or tricking/trolling will give you a ban, you may apply for an un-ban at our forums, but do not lie about what you did or that the staff sucks, it just shows your immaturity. Our staff is selected on their maturity and social skills. 5. Spamming or swearing in the in-game chat is forbidden, you will be muted, kicked or even banned, depending on your actions. Racism or any type of hate-speech will give you a permanent IP-ban. 6. Advertising is not allowed, adverts should be done on the correct game forums, not on our server, you'll just be kicked/banned. 7. Common sense! And be respectful, we wan't to have a fun time while gaming. Please report any disturbances to our staff. 8. Follow the rules above, if you know you won't accept those rules, simply do not connect. Thanks! White-List apply form 1. The name of your MC account 2. How old are you? 3. Where do you live? 4. What can you bring to the server? 5. Tell us briefly about yourself 6. Do you accept the rules? 7. Why do you want to apply? 8. Extra details or questions?
  4. I see you are a pretty shy or quiet based on your application form also, but accepted!
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