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  1. Hello technickpackers! I created this server due to the lack of good friendly basic survival servers, and I hope this will be a good one! Server IP: Open 24/7 on a dedicated linux server based in Finland 4GB dedicated ram for the game server, should be enough for max 20 Server general rules: - Any hacking or duping will result in a ban - Stealing or briefing will result in a ban - Keep the chat clean from spam and swearing to minimum - Use common sense, this server should be fun for everyone! Core plugins: Antihack & grief preventation I hope to see you on the s
  2. I usually don't accept so young people, but as we really don't have players yet, accepted! See you soon!
  3. Introduction Hello every fellow Tekkit player! My name is Javalator, the founder of Baconfish. I've noticed that there aren't really many Classic servers left that are just meant to chill, hang out, build with friends or just explore. Every server I find is about PvP, wars etc., so today I will bring back the glory; Baconfish Tekkit Classic - The joy of Tekkit Classic- We want to bring back the joy of Tekkit Classic, to have fun and make new friends, build awesome and complex structures using machines, exploring the caves, and or doing, well, whatever you want! Our carefully selected staff
  4. I see you are a pretty shy or quiet based on your application form also, but accepted!
  5. Hello, thanks for applying. Sorry to say, but I don't really like your attitude you give here, and also my name is Joel, you could have a new look at the post and try to reapply if you want to.
  6. Hello everyone! Sorry for inactivity, my internet has had some problems, its the ICP. But I will notice ya'll when I've got it up and running!
  7. Introduction Hello, my name is Joel. We are starting out with a Tekkit Classic server, the aim of our server is that everyone will have fun. We will provide a server with no grief, zero lag, mature staff and a great atmosphere! So if you are looking for it, join us! The server will be hosted in FIN, Europe. Contact information Skype: blomjoe My email: [email protected] MC IGN: Paajii About server The staff of the server is chosen wisely, based on their trustworthy and honesty. All of our staff are over 17 years old. You find them in-game with tag; [Admin]. Ask for help if you need! O
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