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  1. I haven't made a server in a long time and I used to use Bukkit, I was wondering what is currently the best way to setup a Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 server which also allows for plugins to be added such as permissions, shops, ranks, ect.. Thanks
  2. Me and my friends IGN: Devene Rheadenuggetz We're both 19 and looking for a small casual server to play together on.
  3. My application is on the forum i hope it doesn't sound like I'm begging just hoping I could play. :D

  4. I updated my post, just so you know my server isn't ready to be fully released, but I made the post to attract any players who are interested in joining in the early stages.

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      You did what was sufficient.

  5. - Fekkit - Tekkit Survival Server Introduction: Fekkit is a server which will be primarily based around a small community of regular, loyal players, this is why I have chosen to make it a whitelist server. Fekkit is for those players who want to have a fun, relaxing time whilst playing Fekkit with people they can talk to and have fun with at the same time. Fekkit is currently under-construction and may take a while to be fully up and running, however if you would like to help in any way I am open to help. This is my second time making a Tekkit server, my last server was successful but I lost interest in it and it slowly died. If you would like to help in anyway you can add me on Skype, my Skype name is JRFisher. Server Information: Time Zone: GMT Up Time: Currently the server will only be up whilst I am online adding to the server, Once the server is ready and a host is found we will aim for 95% up time. Status: The server is currently in the early stages, I am currently adding plugins, groups and permissions. Server Rules: Respect all other players.Respect all the players on the server, it does not matter if the player if a member of staff or someone who is new to the server. Disrespecting other players will either result in you being Muted or Jailed, in serious situations you may also be banned. Do not Grief, Steal or Kill players.The server is a survival server but this does not mean you are allowed to steal from others or grief other players property. Griefing and Stealing will result in a ban from the server, this also includes entering players houses without permission. This is a none PvP server so attacking other players without their permission is not allowed, if it is an accident then that is fine, but if you try to kill other players repeatedly it will result in a ban. No cheats or client mods.The use of cheat/hacked clients is not allowed on the server, this includes any client mods which allow players to have an unfair advantage, including X-Ray mods. The use of cheats will result in a temporary or permanent ban. No Swearing, Racism or Spam. The odd swear word is fine but please do not use it all of the time, especially when it is not necessary. Racism however is never tolerated and will result in you being Muted or Jailed. Spammers will also be Muted or Jailed and repeating either of these will result in being Banned. Do not annoy Moderators or Admins.Most moderators or admins are normal players, however they do have the ability to spawn in certain items and have access to certain commands. This however does not mean a moderator or admin will spawn in items for you or give you money, repeatedly asking for items or money from anyone, especially a moderator or admin will result in you being Jailed. Do not abuse bugs.If you come across a bug in-game such as a duplication glitch, please do not abuse it. It is likely the bug will soon be found and fixed however players who abuse the glitch will be found and either banned or have items taken away from them. If you do find a bug please report it to a moderator or admin in-game as soon as you can. Whitelist Application: In-game name: Age: Time Zone: Have you ever been banned? Please post your result here: What is your Tekkit experience?: Why do you want to join Fekkit?: You will be messaged the IP address if accepted.
  6. If you try it and can't connect can you please say so.
  7. I am making a new server, I haven't made a server for a while and I have now gotten a new router, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to just try connecting to All you need to do is connect for a second so I can see that the server will actually allow people to connect, I can connect using my local IP (192.168.1.x) but I am not sure if it can be connect to via the actual IP address of my network. Thanks.
  8. Username: Devene What is your experience with tekkit?: Played for several months and have played many servers, know alot about the basics but am looking to learn more about the complex builds. Have you ever been banned from a server? if so please explain: No. What do you plan on doing here at techluminal tekkit?: Looking for a fun community to play tekkit with, also looking to make friends and have some fun.
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