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  1. I haven't made a server in a long time and I used to use Bukkit, I was wondering what is currently the best way to setup a Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 server which also allows for plugins to be added such as permissions, shops, ranks, ect.. Thanks
  2. Me and my friends IGN: Devene Rheadenuggetz We're both 19 and looking for a small casual server to play together on.
  3. My application is on the forum i hope it doesn't sound like I'm begging just hoping I could play. :D

  4. I updated my post, just so you know my server isn't ready to be fully released, but I made the post to attract any players who are interested in joining in the early stages.

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      You did what was sufficient.

  5. - Fekkit - Tekkit Survival Server Introduction: Fekkit is a server which will be primarily based around a small community of regular, loyal players, this is why I have chosen to make it a whitelist server. Fekkit is for those players who want to have a fun, relaxing time whilst playing Fekkit with people they can talk to and have fun with at the same time. Fekkit is currently under-construction and may take a while to be fully up and running, however if you would like to help in any way I am open to help. This is my second time making a Tekkit server, my last server was succes
  6. If you try it and can't connect can you please say so.
  7. I am making a new server, I haven't made a server for a while and I have now gotten a new router, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to just try connecting to All you need to do is connect for a second so I can see that the server will actually allow people to connect, I can connect using my local IP (192.168.1.x) but I am not sure if it can be connect to via the actual IP address of my network. Thanks.
  8. Username: Devene What is your experience with tekkit?: Played for several months and have played many servers, know alot about the basics but am looking to learn more about the complex builds. Have you ever been banned from a server? if so please explain: No. What do you plan on doing here at techluminal tekkit?: Looking for a fun community to play tekkit with, also looking to make friends and have some fun.
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