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  1. Beer in tekkit ?!

  2. Tgere should be a rank below donator that lets you use items banned to normal players but should only be goven to trusted people who play a lot or have been playing for a long time.
  3. Great server friendly staff. Not really any problems
  4. Great server just joined only 1 issue but not very big . I think players who are new should get a small starting kit. But otherwise an amazing server very friendly and suggest it to everyone.
  5. I'd love to help send me ip and I'll join I'm quite good a t building
  6. I was actually wondering if anyone here has a tekkit server I could join I find it hard to find one on the page
  7. Minecraft Username: Dragon7374 Time Zone: UK Reason for Applying: I'm looking for a server to play as my core playing Place but i also want to make a butter factory. Do you plan on staying: yes this will be my core server Opinion on Explosions: the last thing I'll ever use is explosives Are you a nice person: yes never griefed before and not about to start
  8. Well also I've just found out my computer is not good enough to host a server ( :-( ) but maybe someone has a tekkit classic server I could join.
  9. Ever since I started to play tekkit I wanted to make a server but have always failed I'm just wondering what people think and if they can help. Thanking you in advance, Dragon7374 :D
  10. IGN: Dragon7374 AGE: I'd rather not say but im older than 11 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: no WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? Minecraft is good but tekkit brings more possibilitys and more fun to the game. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? I would like to start a company to keep the landscape looking beautiful and replanting trees and generally helping everyone.