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  1. HI xboxdominator here. We have a new server well staffed (I know them all from previous servers you can trust them) We still have helper and moderator positions open. We are open to new ideas and need help with the server like finding out command you shouldn't have so come on and have some tekkit fun on MajestekCraft. Server ip is:
  2. Hi I've been playing tekkit classic for a while and recently when i join servers it will be fine for the first few seconds then freeze. Sometimes it unfreezes for one second then freezes again. After a while it makes you leave the server with the message "End of Stream." Can anyone help. Also i run a mac with 8gb set of allocated memory in the launcher options. I also watched the launcher console to see what happened but it doesnt show anything after i join the server and it freezes. (I dont know if this is helpful or not)