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  1. Seems cool, i'd like to join. my IGN is otteaux EDIT: Oh and i would also be interested in helping out people.
  2. Huh... thats odd. But ohhh snap we got a badass over here, checkin in on technic forums in school? Anyway, thanks again and also, do you know if there are any public big dig servers? an dif there are what are some good ones i could join?
  3. Thank you both very much. It is running with barely any lag anymore.
  4. Thank you dwwojcik, i will try that, How do i install optifine onto the one pack though?
  5. I have a computer with a very good processor, 8GB of ram and good other things, except my graphics card. I have my graphics set to the lowest but in my Big Dig i have alot of lag. Because of the Tree Capitator mod, it takes about five seconds for the tree to be chopped down and traveling to other dimensions from either rift or mystcraft makes me have to restart my world. Whenever i make a NEW world it takes about 5 minutes to generate the world. I have permGen enabled and 7GB of ram allocated which is the most allowed. How can i make it run faster?
  6. | Application Form | | Your Game NickName= |otteaux | Age= | 13 | Reason why do you want to join this server?= | I liked classic tekkit better and the other servers had banned alot of items. This server will be awesome. | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= | mostly, not in much agriculture pardts. | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= | yes absolutely,
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