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  1. can i join

    IGN: pegasmon

  2. Hey Sprite,

    It would be great if I could Join Your Serer, my IGN is The_Wriddler


  3. Hi, I'd really like to join your server! My IGN is Ethetriol.

  4. Hi sprite, i'd love to join your new server. My IGN is Dream_Syndrome i like the whole civilization theme you want for your server

  5. I would like to Join IGN: SP24m sound like an interesting server

  6. My names Acreon! I'd love to join the server :D IGN: acreon390

  7. Yes Hello my name is SethZetoe and I'd like to join your server! I'm rather experienced in tekkit and very neutral

  8. ATTN: FOR ANYONE READING THIS THREAD WISHING TO JOIN: The hosting company I was using to rent the Tekkit server off has stopped trading and therefore disconnected the server. I WILL be looking into finding new hosting companies that fulfill my criteria for a hosting company. SO watch this space and/ follow my profile to see when I upload a new thread with new server details. Many apologies that I wasn't on as much as I would have liked, Uni kinda took over and my laptop had "issues" running the launcher. I WILL BE BACK
  9. Currently working on uni coursework and exams - tekkit wont run either.. will fix it after exams.

  10. To the guys who have requested to join the server: can you message me via a PM or via youtube and i'll add your details, also I cant make in online until the christmas break at the earliest as im busy with coursework and exams however you are welcome to join the server and make yourself at home till i get on. Many thanks.
  11. You've been added to the whitelist, ask super for the IP otherwise PM me for it.
  12. i read all the rules and info and this server seems to be the nicest sounding one ive seen for over 2 moths, i would like to play with an active, friendly community on a tekkit sevre so this server seems perfect, please whitelist me so i can get on and tell u how much i like the sevrer!


    (i have teamspeak, skype, and steam)

  13. me interested is eddomo1970

  14. Heya, Im interested in joining your server. Played alot of tekkit/technic and am familiar with most of the things in it except computercraft atm.

    IGN: Speedierone

  15. Your sever looks nice, may i join :)

    i mostly do green power, :)

    IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick


    1. 955533


      what is green power? ik there is red power

    2. Nick The Nuke

      Nick The Nuke

      green power...solar, Wind, Wave...renewable energy :)

    3. Cole Sanders

      Cole Sanders

      Oh thats creative XD

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