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  1. IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick AGE: 21 Experience with Tekkit: A mid skill lvl How long you have been playing: over a year and a half Why would you be a good addition to the server: because i like to help other players and i love community
  2. In game Name : Sea_Captain_Nick Age: 21 Time Zone: +0 GMT Tekkit EXP: haven't played tekkit in a year but before i played for 1 1/2 i want to join a oldschool tekkit sever just the good old days :)
  3. In game Name Sea_Captain_Nick Experience Haven't played in a year. but was good before 1 1/2 years. Age 21 Favorite mod...... Build Craft
  4. IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick Have you ever been banned from a server: No Never, i am a good boy What will you do on the server: as i said, i am a good boy, i will build and help others build What our are admins going to look for when you join: there gona be looking at admin martial, a awesome friendly pony Why should you join Equestria's Minecraft server: Because it's got ponys
  5. Nick The Nuke


    IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick Reason for joining: i like small close tekkit communitys and this seems lovely Would i give a bit of moneys: yeah if it turns out to be a sever i play alot Have i voted: when i see the sever i will :D
  6. Hello In Game Name: Sea_Captain_Nick Age: 20 TimeZone: +0 GMT Tekkit Experience: nano suit and high voltage sorla pannles is my limit at the moment Reason for joining: first sever changed host so i cant play, second sever is DEAD, like someone put alchol is in punch at a junior high prom and the principal has called the mothers to pick you up, kinda dead! Have i read i rules: Yes I have How long have I played tekkit: about a year time comtribute to game:.... Days apoun Days at a time
  7. Your sever looks nice, may i join :)

    i mostly do green power, :)

    IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick


    1. 955533


      what is green power? ik there is red power

    2. Nick The Nuke

      Nick The Nuke

      green power...solar, Wind, Wave...renewable energy :)

    3. Cole Sanders

      Cole Sanders

      Oh thats creative XD
  8. This looks rather nice I am more of a builder and i love the green energy , solar and all that, IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick Thank you
  9. IGN : Sea_Captain_Nick I have read all the rules and i understand all of them. I Have gained a trusted status on all the severs i have been on and become a mod on many. Nick :)
  10. IGN: Sea_Captain_Nick Reason why i Want to become a Member: Looks really fun on here, Would love to add to the world Why should you pick me: Because i am cool i would love to learn more about tekkit and its better if there are a lot of people around, then i can pass my knowledge on to help newer people :D
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