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  1. Yes, well a four year old would be able to spell griefing..... Id also like to point out i joined the server and it isn't all that good 1: Iron golems at spawn, making it so players don't have to go mining for iron. 2: Stuiped staff i don't think they even know the rules them selves 3: The 1 problem of the server there is NO banned items list and i even asked a moderator and he said " Idk" I look around spawn for 10 mins and look back on this page and even looked for the server website. There's no banned items list I give this server 3/10
  2. Im shure that everyone will treat eachother with respect on a server with no banned items or any plugins :D
  3. Sorry guys Servers down and not going to be back up

  4. 1: IGN: Minefreak179

    2: Reason For Joining: Because I want to play with other players, make friends, and tekkit is just so much more advanced and fun than the normal Minecraft.

    3: Would You Ever Consider Donating: Someday, if i'm still playing on the server or it's still up then I will DEFINATLY consider!

    4: Have You Voted: Just did!

    5.Maturity Level 1-10: 8

    6. Skype: The_Flying_Wafffle

    7. Age: 13

  5. Reason for Joining: Looking For a Fun tekkit server to build factory

    Ign: Dragonguy1111

    Donating: yes

    Maturity: 8.5

    Vote: not yet

    skype: Lalna_

  6. 1: IGN: inventor314 , Tbot3 (my brother)

    2: Reason For Joining?: looking for a small tekkit server and are last one closed

    3: Would You Ever Consider Donating? sorry but probably not

    4: Have You Voted: no but I will if you allow us on the server

    5:maturity level: me 10 , my brother 8

    6:skype: I do but I do not yet have a mic. My skype name is ethan.otto

    I hope to see you

  7. 1: IGN? 14britw

    2: Reason For Joining? A server with with than 10 people intrigues the heck out of me, it seems like it'd be really fun

    from website:

    1: Age?


    2:Skype? Not really needed

    I have an account, but I'd have to dig up the name and whatnot

    3: Maturity level? 1-10


    4: Would you ever plan on donating ( If you Donate you get automatic Slot)


    5: have you voted ?


  8. If there is anyone that can Install Plugins and do perms for a server that would be really nice If you can do these things Please leave comment or contact me with a message
  9. Sorry for sounding impatient, but has my application been accepted yet(unless it has been rejected), I can't wait to get started!

  10. GN: pixels_deth

    Age: 13 next month

    Skype: No

    Maturity level: 8/9

    Reason For Joining: I'm looking for a small, close knit community. I always feel overwhelmed on large servers, and I look forward to sharing my creations with everyone.

    Would I Ever Consider Donating: If I enjoy the server, I would happily donate, though I can't guarantee it.

    Have I Voted: Yes

  11. IGN:B1uedog

    Reason For Joining:I am looking for a new server the server i was active on has been shuting down and will probley close soon and i want to be a part of this server.

    Would You Ever Consider Donating:I might consider ive only donated to 3 servers bu tit really depends on the server and evryone on it

    Have You Voted At http://minestatus.net/50325-legittekkit:i just copied and pasted the link and voted.

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