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  1. You've been able to get them from villager chests for the last 3 weeks.
  2. If you're all unaware; The Cutlass is currently a secret weapon, along with two other secret items in Tinkers' Construct, that can block and do high damage with a 10% increase in critical damage, on critical. These criticals can also occur without the typical vanilla mechanics of jumping and slicing them before hitting the ground, making it on par of the rapier in terms of usefulness. The Cutlass is made in the Broadsword Tool Station section, by using an X Sword Blade, an X Full Guard, and an X Rod. Currently the best selection for it is full quartz on a Slime Rod, Manyullyn Full Guard / Sword Blade cutlass, or a Slime Rod, Paper Full Guard, and a Manyullyn Sword Blade given your specific tastes. Make sure to add the Nether Star also. What those other two secret items are in Tinkers' Construct are for you to find out on your own.
  3. They aren't able to be crafted on my server either; it's an issue with 1.0.5.
  4. Turtle boss will generate inside of large underground lakes such as this, in and around a random spot of that biome, but with a more artifical placing to it. Example lake is , or alone in the generate pattern you can grab from NEI and generate yourself. They also generate behind and within the secret room behind the two tall bookcase in the Walker Castle that is extremely square looking. Monking will generate much like Strongholds and can only be found 3 times per world, at the moment, within a random spot of any jungle biome, in the same radius as the Strongholds will generate. It drops the Monking Bigsword and the Magic Pickaxe, at a rare chance for the Magic Pickaxe. The Magic Pickaxe can also be randomly found at an extremely rare chance, much like being dropped by the Monking, in chests generated in the boss loot tables for the end of every dungeon. The Magic Pickaxe has infinite durability, and will mine, dig, and chop faster then an efficiency V Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Axe, and Diamond Shovel. When you right click using the magic pickaxe, it acts like the Destruction Catalyst, but instead of taking out a 3x3x3 area, it will take out only a 3x3 area, which uses durability.
  5. Better Dungeons has no new blocks besides the capsule stations (Which I doubt anybody has), besides the spawner blocks, which as soon as the dungeon spawns vanish, so you're safe to disable the mod as it is. The dungeons that are created all use vanilla wiring and blocks so the dungeons will just remain, just without any mobs. If you feel unsafe still at that point, use McEdit and manually delete the dungeons as Better Dungeons stores an INFO file which displays the coordinates of every dungeon. You can also use an NBT editor to manually delete any better dungeon items, or use /openinv (plugin) on every player who has visited the server to manually delete their BD items. Usually when you disable a mod though, the items that were associated with that mob just vanish, not creating conflicting behavior.
  6. It occasionally happens on the server I play on, every few days or so, but goes away after 1-3 minutes. It's like lag, but not really lag given people can chat. It's indeed an issue with Hexxit.
  7. Possibly. Send me a PM if you get the issue eventually & try disabling Better Dungeons at that point.
  8. On American hours early morning we see about 25 people average (there's 23 and it's 11:30 EST) and around afternoon it's roughly 40 average. At noon the population hovers around 50-65 players average and then drops to around 9-15 players at 1:00 AM. We're also running with 198 slots so this is nice.
  9. Better Dungeons is purportedly causing crash issues so we've temporarily disabled it until a fix has come out for it, which should probably be occurring in 1.0.6. A lot of people are having the same crash issues on other servers so I've informed them that disabling Better Dungeons fixes the issue. We were getting crashes every 2-5 minutes, and after we disabled it, we haven't received a crash in almost 8 days. The server error caused by generation should be fixed by updating or running a 1.0.5 server. We were getting the same until we switched to 1.0.5. It could've been an issue with Better Dungeons though. I asked Chocolatin about it and gave him a crash log but I'm still waiting on a response.
  10. Yeah they're 0.5 taller then vanilla Enderman and with different animation / limbs. The armored ones are more difficult especially if they spawn with diamond swords, and diamond armor. Rapiers easily take them out, but yeah. A few also spawn with heal staves and the such, so you need to watch out for that. Also thank you. There isn't a lot of information on the wiki about this stuff but I suppose it's up to the common player to disclose this stuff to the uninformed.
  11. Hexxit is the unstable one, actually; which is a shame but predictable for such a new mod pack given the medium amount of mods on it and the young age of it. With that being said, I also really recommend Hexxit. It's boring on single player like a majority of things Minecraft, but is really enjoyable on a server with good specs and zero lag, such as the server I play on right now (hex.boostmc.org). If the server has pvp, the server can get interesting given moderation of some items (destruction catalyst, ender bow etc) and the general freereign players can have with weapon flexibility from Tinkers Construct and Hexxit Armor. After you've beat down the exploration part, and the PvM / PvP part, it can be quite fun to bunker down and start building great structures.
  12. Try dual booting or virtualizing Windows 7, and then downloading + launching the client. Better yet; switch to Linux so you don't have to deal with shit-tier Windows and Mac.
  13. It's a legitimate Better Dungeon generation that can occur and is intended intentionally by Chocolatin; it'll appear in the Twilight Forest, Nether, and Overworld. Haven't seen it in the End yet, or Limbo, but all dungeons that spawn within 50 chunks of it have the mobs replaced with Enderman variants of what the mob would've been. This is the only way to find armored Enderman and Enderman with flintlocks, staves, etc. You can spawn a variation of them in, but they're invisible by default unless you spawn in an infernal one, like with what I did here.