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  1. Does it work in single player? Does it work on other (non-local) servers? Did you accidentally push the show/hide button?
  2. Do you mean items in your inventory, item in chests, or blocks you placed in the world?
  3. marrrc's first method is wrong, since marrrc failed to understand trakos' conditions. trakos wants an automated setup without constantly wasting tin. marrrc's second method works, but only for lava. The layouts are also missing the batteries, since marrrc obviously didn't double-check his/her post. A better way to solve this is to use logistics pipes. Put a basic logistics pipe next to the chest that is next to the pump. Have that basic logistics pipe connect to a logistics power junction. The logistics power junction will need either buildcraft or industrialcraft power. Have a provider logistics pipe connect to another side of the chest, and have one cobblestone transport pipe connect the basic pipe to the provider pipe. Get a liquid supplier pipe and connect it to the provider pipe. Then have a liquid disposer connect to the liquid supplier pipe. Make sure the logistics pipes aren't connect to any other machine as buckets will occasionally be deposited into them. Use a buildcraft wrench to configure the basic pipe to be a default route and to configure the liquid pipe to send one liquid bucket. Put exactly one empty bucket into the chest, since any stacks will be read as one bucket by the pump. In other words, the pump will output more than one bucket's worth of liquid from just one source block. In the picture above, the basic pipe is above the chest, the provider pipe is to the right of the chest, and the liquid pipe is to the left of the liquid disposer. My method will solve trakos' problem, but it will cost a small sum of gold and iron for the logistics pipes and two diamonds. My method will also require an energy source. It is probably not optimized since I just learned how to use logistics pipe when I saw this thread. On other note, you could place your setup on frames instead.
  4. The original poster has already solved this problem in another thread. The poster just didn't bother editing or deleting this post.
  5. Doesn't work. You need to give a better explanation of what you did, and the mechanics of how it works. I did a similar setup as yours, but with pulverizers, hooked the MACs to the same cable, and hooked the cable to the controller. My pulverizers were set up the same way as your furnaces. I had an encoded assembly pattern for each interface.
  6. vanilla: ....technictekkitlitebinminecraft.jarterrain.png mods: ....technictekkitlitemods For the mods, you have to go into the respective mod and search for the textures.
  7. So after reading your thread, I've gotten curious about if this was actually possible. I've managed to figure out at least two ways to make a full energy cell frame, after a few hours of research. I've gotten the idea from BevoLJ's tutorials. The tutorials are advertised on the applied energistics thread on minecraft forum: It is the third tutorial and about the 31:00 min mark. The method is to use a ME interface and a ME encoded assembler pattern with all of the materials needed. So in your case, a pattern containing 40 redstone dust and an empty energy cell frame in the crafting grid, and a full energy cell frame in the output. Put that encoded assembler pattern into a ME interface and place a buildcraft transport pipe or an equivalent next to that interface. The interface will throw out the ingredients into the pipe. Then use some kind of sorting device, like a diamond transport pipe, to separate the ingredients into the magma crucible and the liquid transposer. Place either another ME interface, ME importer, or an equivalent to the liquid transposer and you should then get your full energy cell frame. Another method is to use a ME exporter to constantly export redstone into the magma crucible. With this method, you only need to make an encoded assembler pattern with an empty energy cell frame as the input ingredient and a full energy cell frame as the output. You would then place that encoded assembler pattern into a ME interface, and that ME interface next to a liquid transposer. And the rest you should be able to figure out. I do not know which method is a more efficient use of resources to create. Your problem was that you assumed that your applied energistics / ME network could read two assembler patterns at once. Applied energistics chooses only one assembler pattern route, so to speak, and sticks with it. In the end, you don't need more than one molecular assembly chamber, and these methods will work similar for the other things you are asking for.
  8. I think I might have come across this. I think the minecraft forum for optifine said something about this too, but I can't find it anywhere. First, check if you have the right version of optifine for your minecraft client. If that is correct, then try a different edition of optifine. You can install optifine just fine into tekkit lite, I have it installed myself.