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  1. username: andox237490123 I will not grief in homeworld: Will not grief it I will be polite & not swear in general chat: I shall comply with this rule I will respect staff & listen to directions: I shall, as they are in higher authority to me I will report and not abuse any bugs: As soon as i find a bug ill report it, so it can be fixed and everyone can enjoy playing I will know and follow the rules: I will I have a fair amount Tekkit experience: With Hexxit, tekkit classic, voltz and tekkit lite.
  2. I logged but know what i had in my inv in case he deleted it all, i had full enchanted thief armor with soul tether, myrmllian rapier with soul tether on it (i know how to put in on tinker objects) and a krekonite sword with smite 1, this was all i had, in case i lost all my stuff here was my inv pre-hack
  3. Ok. the server is hacked, someone changed spawn, tp'd everyone into the end portal and is destroying everything, y0b help!!!
  4. Um, i just logged on, not just the outside of spawn is griefed... inside is too. There is litterally no spawn, it has been destroyed....
  5. Hey, um someone summoned a meteor at spawn, i was in the pvp area, and my client crashed, i dont know if i lost my items but there are meteors everywhere. Please fix this.
  6. Oh also, i would recommend making a website, using a provider like enjin, this would make it easier for you to contact us and likewise, also this would allow you to make a donating page of which i am thinking of doing, thanks
  7. Yeah that's fine, im content to wait but i ask that could you mabye fix the crashes and such issues mabye in an update at a time such as night where no players are online? this will help the server greatly. Thanks for the awesome server and hope you fix the problem soon!
  8. Hey um. The server has been down for quite some time now. Approaching two days. Yes this is a great and probably my favorite server but if its down all the time you'r gonna lose players. And many of us players do not enjoy it, i will always support the server but its a bit hard when its down all the time. Please try to solve the problem atm and also please try to keep the server up in the future, it crashes alot and is down alot. please try to resolve this issue. Regards, andox237490123
  9. Hey, the server was down for maintenance, then it was offline, then changed titles and was white listed, im wondering if its now white listed or the server is still under maintenance, its been 5 hours... thanks for the awesome server, hope the issue is resolved soon. Regards, andox237490123
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