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  1. Emu, if you read some of Gen's announcements on the thread from the past you will see that he asks that any rank requests need to be sent via a private message and posts on the thread will be ignored, try sending him a message for a promotion instead :)
  2. I was standing on the spawn shop when two different players decided to try and punch me, one complained about being killed and the other got banned for fighting everyone at spawn, why they thought they could kill someone wearing full quantum armor I don't know.
  3. something is messing up the server near darkrsg, at least the second time this has happened
  4. We may have to wait for the server to restart again, its been staying down when it crashes for a while the past few days
  5. the server crashed when emu joined, is there something near you that is causing the problem? High was getting blamed for crashes when there were issues near his house, it may be the same thing
  6. Not sure if this is actually the case, but it seems like the server is restarting itself just fine, but something is making it crash when people start playing for a little while, then it wont come back up until it would normally restart again... makes it really difficult to get on
  7. Probably has something to do with the fact the whole spawn village is admin claimed and the admins are hardly ever on p.s. - I would love to help if we do get the opportunity to change it a bit!
  8. Wow, if someone is seriously causing you problems report them to a mod in private, don't try to instigate more stupidity by whining about it on the forums. Besides the fact that none of that even matters while the server is down. Once the server gets back up and running try wiping the slate clean with each other and if anything else happens settle it correctly, these issues should be (politely) brought up to a mod or admin and settled by them.
  9. A terrible evil has struck Genericland. This really sucks
  10. It appears the server has gone on strike... It is crashing every time it restarts now
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