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  1. What world settings are you using? How much ram does your computer have? Did you try OptiFine?
  2. Stop panicking, the Launcher is having node work right now. The launcher should be back up soon. The website does not work either, maybe you should read the news post. This service is going on a bit longer than expected though...
  3. I would voulonteer to be an admin but it will be my first time on a public server other than my own.
  4. Name: My parents wont let me say my real name so Spike. Username: spikespaz Age: 11 Prefered Tekkit Mod(s):Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, RedPower2,Equivalent Exchange, Rei's Minimap, and all of the other mods that involve building or engineering. Banned: N Extra: I want to be an engineer when I grow up. Question: Am I allowed to build an airship?
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