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  1. Erm... panda? Could you go into the config file and somehow change my location in the world spot to some other world?(last time I was logged in, it was in a dungeon world. I went to check a few days later, and it said "Interal server error". So I'm thinking I'm stuck in limbo because the previous world is gone). That or the server has an issue.
  2. Can we register here, rather than connect to another forum account? Just curious.
  3. IGN: dragonfriend915 Experience in Hexxit: Quite a bit; I'm not good with tinkerer's construct, but I'm fairly good at raiding the towers in the game(and finding all the nice little dungeons. :3). It's a really nice modpack, and I've been playing with it for a month. My only regret is they do not have thaumcraft in it. :I Are you a PvP or PvE player?: PvE player mostly, PVP when needed. (Last resort, really.)
  4. May I join? Your in-game name: dragonfriend915 Why do you want to join our server? One of my friends encouraged me to get the Tekkit launcher, and seeing that I could go into space with the Tekkit modpack, I wanted to explore the space with others. I've tried one other server, but I have used towny before, and had hoped this would be more Roleplaying than the other server was. Why JWL? I like to roleplay, and on one server which is down for a week or two they use Towny heavily. I like the plugin more so than factions, and noticing you also used the tekkitmain modpack, I was thrilled and excited to join your server. Something about yourself I write exceptional lore(stories) on another website/server, I like hot cocoa, and I'm fairly creative.