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  1. Full name:landon Age:14 Minecraft Username:GuyPlayzMC How long have you been playing Minecraft:1 year 6 months How long have you been playing Voltz:3 months How much knowledge do you have of Voltz:not much but i'll figure it out. Why do you want to play on this server:it's whitelisted What can you contribute to this server:whatever i can help someone with Do you have a microphone:no If you said yes to the above, do you have Teamspeak 3: Do you have a Youtube Channel, if so, what is your username:[email protected] Have you ever been banned before:no What type of computer do you have: hp laptop, 32-bit, windows 7
  2. IGN: GuyPlayzMC Age:14 How long have you played Minecraft/Tekkit: minecraft 1year, tekkit 7 months Another form of contact (email, Skype, etc.):[email protected]
  3. Name: landon Minecraft Username: GuyPlayzMC Age:14 Your long term minecraft project: My long term project for minecraft is to play as if it were single player, but with a small community.(Instead of huge lagy servers). Why you want to play on this server:I'd like to play on this server because, i don't like having to deal with immature people. Since there aren't that many young people on your server i thought i'd give it a try .
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