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  1. Many new fixes applied to the server, resulting in a massive uptime increase.
  2. This is not even close to a Project E bug. Anyways, Technic released a build that was built on an old branch. A surprise that it allows the server to start at all...
  3. Still working on it, there is just one item left that needs to br fixed
  4. So here is the thing. All your problems are originating from ProjectE. As you can see - " DMPedestalTile"Is the one that is contributing the most towards your issues. The main issue here is that ProjectE is a HORRIBLE port. It is not natively meant to be in 1.7.10, it performs very badly at it. When we were fixing these issues, my dev and I stumbled upon particles for the server. Particle logic should be only on client, not server. Removing that dropped a bit of heat. The biggest issue was that the code was firing of many times per tick. After some debugging, we were able to fix this, though d
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