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  1. Glad you enjoy it Thanks for the feedback =) With the players help, It can become a successful server 3 Thumbs? xD (Btw, Dont sign your posts, It's against the rules. ) Thanks for the feedback troth Post on the forums the full details and ill be happy to help, Here isnt the place for that though. Adding alot more features soon! :)
  2. Server IP: play.agro-craft.com Website: http://agro-craft.com Ts3: ts3.agro-craft.com Agro-Craft is a fun, non whitelisted, hardcore PvP tekkit server, We are new but we know exactly what we're doing. We have fun events almost daily, A low banned item count, A seperate hub from the main world so there's no lag to worry about, Especially with the fact that we're running on a dedicated server with plenty of ram dedicated. =) Breaking the rules are likely to get you muted, Kicked, jailed, TempBanned or Perm Banned, If you're perm banned, You can apply at http://agro-craft.com/forum [1] No Advertising [2] No Spamming [3] Swearing is allowed, But abuse is not. [4] No Exploiting. [5] No Hacking. [6] Only english in main chat [7] No TP Killing [8] No refunds on items [Visitor] Default, when you join. (Access to MK1 Collectors) 15 hours of gameplay. [slayer] 30 hours of gameplay. [Raider] 75 hours of gameplay. (Access to MK2 collectors) [King] 100 hours of gameplay. [L33T] 337 hours of gameplay. (Access to MK3 Collectors) [uB3R] 500 hours of gameplay. (Access to ComputerCraft) [Assistant] - Apply on forums [T-Mod] - Apply on forums [Moderator] [Admin] [Head-Admin] [Owner] Teleport Pipes and Tethers (These chunk-loading items cause orphan chunks which decreases the server TPS, Making your gameplay less enjoyable.) Water strainers (This crashes the server, We dont want to be restarting every 5 mins now, Do we? Quicker to ban than that... no one uses them anyway xD) Announcer AutoRank CraftBay DisguiseCraft Essentials Factions MobBountyReloaded PermissionsEX Worldedit Worldguard WorldBorder Hope to see you on the server soon! =)
  3. Why are you using PermissionsEX & Groupmanager? You only need one, Anyway, Do all the plugins yourself, its all part of the experience of running a server :)
  4. Made some edits to the main post. Added mobarena and also unbanned MK2/3 Collectors for time ranks. Ranks will be posted above soon!
  5. IP: play.ukraft.org Teamspeak: ts3.ukraft.org Website: www.ukraft.org We are a Tekkit server all about proving a well-balanced server of mature, enthusiastic and outgoing staff members, alongside limited banned items, a friendly and vibrant community and thousands of custom tweaks and fixes to provide you with a Tekkit experience, you won't want to forget. We are a server dedicated to having fun with our players, as well as dealing with all problems as hand. 24/7 No Lag! Mob Arena (Including the mobarena plugin) PvP & PvE Friendly Community Custom EE2 & Other Mods Factions MK2/3 Collectors/Relays ALLOWED! No Griefing/Stealing in PvE World. No Advertising No Spamming Swearing is allowed, But abuse is not. No Exploiting. No Hacking. No PvP in The PvE world No Spawn Killing Griefprevention Factions MiniGames Choptree DisguiseCraft ChestShop GP Real Estate iConomy MobArena PvE Spawn: PvP Spawn:
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