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  1. generic if u ever read this , can u teleport me away from where i am atm , because evrytime i login the server goes down
  2. look when i try 2 get online there is people playing but when i finnaly login i crash, i asked hardias 2 go near ure house ''highshootownn'' and server went down , maybe u used 2 much chunck laoders or something i dont know and few weeks ago when someone right klicked a dim anchor the server restarted so it might be a block or something in or near ur house
  3. well i login and 2 min after boom server gone im near someones house
  4. i just logged in and boom server went down...
  5. gereneric can u replace my character because evrytime i login the server goes down , and im near high / raven their houses
  6. rave u knew its mine and u grief , i hope u get bann for griefing
  7. i dont want peace with u , and if i get banned so let it be .. gen decides anyway
  8. i dont trust high but he is acting like he is the good guy , but he is not
  9. stop being a ass licker please , sorry i sayd that but u and ur friend pieltrek are jerks , i gave u my ts and u come say bad shit on it and then i move away from loffredo's town and u follow me i tought there whas a rule that u shouldent anoy other players and dont build 2 close 2 them and anoy them like a jerk , and thats what u doing sinds u play with ure friend pieltrek so ye. and no i dont wanne be friends with u anymore thats why u are on ignore on the server
  10. stop trying 2 be nice , the server crashes when i fly near ure house so ye... and sinds i logged out last time near ravens his little sqaure base that is 2 blocks away from ure house... the server keeps going down and i cannot do /spawn or what so ever
  11. generic tag should move my charecter 2 spawn or check whats wrong around highshootownns his place
  12. i sayd that, if u get near high his house boom server goes down and i logged out there last time evrytime i login the server goes ''QQ BYE'' and i forgot 2 reclaim my railway cant remember all my old claims
  13. he will fix it , he stole it so ye.... and grieifing = bann