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  1. yes I know I have found out now I did it at the sorse but when I shal do it in the end of it
  2. I can't get the Crude oil extrated whid a Portabale Oil Extractor and the Crude oil show as a liquid but it are as if its only air ther. I have been trying difrent ways whid no luck whid the Portabale Oil Extractor. If any one know somthing post it
  3. How do you do That? I did try some ways whid no luck
  4. The Dynamic Tank receive fluid from pipes but it do not send any out from it do not give any from it of is it only me?
  5. Ok now I have been building and plaing around on the 2.0.1 and my are crashed some times now and that was after I did put my Reator Turbins when I use the Fusion reator This is the messeges I get when it do crashs ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Ouch. That hurt Time: 01.08.13 10:39 Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NullPointerException at mekanism.common.TileEntityUniversalCable.removeFromNetwork(TileEntityUniversalCable.java:104) at mekanism.common.EnergyNetwork.fixMessedUpNetwork(EnergyNetwork.java:304) at mekanism.common.EnergyNetwork.tick(Energ
  6. Yes it seem like it I have been playing a bit on it the 2.0.0 and its loking good but ther are some bugs they need to fix in it. but the rest is seem good for the moment but I wante to know the progres of seting out the next update I was hoping the was any info abote that but its not any right now. note they have widran the 2.0.0 form the Technic client for now its seem
  7. Hello I want to know wher I can find info abote when they are redy to realeas the next update for Voltz and some odder info to. I have tryding to find it but no Luck in that. so if some one can help me by posting some links or telling me what and when it going to come oute the next realece then I are going to be gratful for it. if they have a Update post up and going then you can give me the link for that to Thanks if you can help me
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