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  1. I came online walked around the desert ( a lil too fast with power suit ) and near highshoots town world stopped rendering and boom bye goes the server
  2. Not that easy when we moved to a desert biome highshoot and his friends followed us and settled only 200 blocks from us, the desert biome was 2k+ blocks away. We did all to get away from the rain and highshoot without any trouble only to find him close to us again. You see our irritation level is rising by their actions this way. And when we were settled they came into our town every time pieltrek annoying us by shooting plasma gun all the time when we had enough of it we killed him every time he came back. Highshoot decided to help his friend by attacking us aswell. All would be cool when he and his buddies moved to another desert somewhere else on the world. Instead he and pieltrek tried to get us all banned, when that failed they tried to force us to be friends again and now he is sucking up. All with all we are through with him and his friends we don't trust alot of people as a consecuence of this. And now we really do suspect there is something in his town that is bugging which crashes the server this is not some plot but a genuine concern.
  3. Yes you are. You got a friend who is the worsed troll and can't handle getting defeated. I guess you tried to be a good friend and help him out annoying us to death. I guess it's weird that when xjefafax logs in near your town the server crashes... what the fuck are you hiding there cuz the server can only crash due to blocks loaded not bugged items in inventory.