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  1. IGN:Sharkvenom10 Age:12 Timezone: England Tekkit experience: 2 years A little about yourself: I love tekkit now matter how many other mod packs i play nothing beats tekkit
  2. Age:13. From:UK. IGN: sharkvenom10. Games I play: Always minecraft but i love modpacks the best. experience with tekkit: Alot about most of the differnet mods. Position (Builder,mod/admin, member, other): member/redstoner. Mostly available (Night, Day, Weekday, Weekend): Day. I can build pretty complicated redstone machines and am also know alot about ee.
  3. can me and my friends be whitelisted we were having fun before the whitelist went back up we are sharkvenom10 charliepitchford telakill and screamingshark
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