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  1. hello, i would like to join the server. my IGN is wormkiller78 (and no i do not kill worms, i made it up when i was young) i like doing comunity work for servers and such. i am freindly, sometimes a bit sarcastic, and just want to have a good time! so may i be whitelisted and i am almost 16
  2. hello! 1.wormkiller78 2. i just want to be on a small server that does not have too aggressive players 3. i am a 15 year old boy who is respectfull, i for the most part only hit mobs, but i can be in a pvp match if they want me too. i would also like to build a epic base too. i am multicultural, and love pigies! i hope to have fun! o===[]=============> 4. i understand the rules
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