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  1. look it what it says fill out the from people not what your doing
  2. i would like to join age 13 but what your email
  3. i was wondering if i be able to play hexxit with someone i have skype and here all you have to say/ fill out age: don't realy care if 10 and up can you make a server: i cant why you'ed like to join my in hexxit what thing your good in hexxit: harkensycythe mod and thing like that hope to see you soon
  4. o sry my ign is Bobbuslee and im dislexys so my spelling is bad so sry about that but my ign is Bobbuslee:) sry again
  5. just in case you miss it sry if i just wasting your time making this Age:13 totalhexxit because people ruin the fun of the game and i need a server that can take some of those people out hexxit is a very cool mod and it nice to play with people that i trust and i have not ever ben banned from a server get back to me soon thanks :)
  6. age: 13 why totalhexxit because it a very good mod fun to play but people ruin it sometimes so i need a server that has people who dont take the fun out of it why hexxit because it really fun and it more fun to play with people who you know are not about to rob you and um well i never was banned before so ... o and please get back to me as soon as you can thanks :)
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