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  1. I think you can use a command block to make it always reset your time to when ever you want you could do that. Like you can have it constantly reset the time every few second back to the time you want iv seen that before
  2. lol My point is still valid a bunch or Forums Nazi's on tekkit forums. im out you all have a good day and try not to be rude to new people next time. Your a moderator show some respect.
  3. OK wow brah just wanted to know if it would be cool if you would at at lest those mods they are can be in both hekkit and tekkit really they are really not just be for one> i just thought be cool to have them in tekkit really and wanted to know really if there was going to be a 1.7 and then you say you should go read the rules brah really..... you some forums Nazi?!? I don't think asking about an update or 2 if something be cool to add is aginst the rules. If so then these forums are a load of rubbish!. All i wanted was a polite way of saying maybe ya maybe be cool to have but be better for sticking to the other pack. no i get a someone telling me you did not read the rules and a rude response
  4. Hi im new to the forums on here but i just wanted to know if there will be a 1.7 version of tekkit? soon? and well 2 mods I do think tekkit needs is one tinker's construct, and archimedes ships! that would be amazing what do you all think? maby some more adventurer added to it to? like tekkit/ hekkit combind pack? now that would be epic
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