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  1. Bullet Phase Proudly Presents:Lock and Load Some Mods in Bullet Phase: Lock and Lock include Dr Cyanos's Wonderful Wands Flans ModHats by iChun All mods included in this pack follow respected licenses or were granted permission. for a complete list of mods and permission, click here.
  2. Whats odd is that the server seems to work for me, im not connecting to local but through another device on the same network, so maybe its an apache setting.
  3. I have it setup locally on my server rack at home, but i cant seem to get it hosted. Everything is ported.
  4. I used the default .htaccess and structure from solder and just renamed the accordingly to the instructions but, i don't know what to do from here.
  5. I got the database imported, along with all the files but when i try to reach the dashboard
  6. What methods or steps do I have to take in order to get to work?
  7. I do have access to shell but I'm not very knowledgeable of this whole field so I require some help on how I can do this on GoDaddy.
  8. I was able to do it locally, however that was because I could specify the document root to public which, godaddy doesn't allow changing the apache settings.
  9. The issue I have is i get No input file specified. at the dashboard page. I believe this mostly because of .htaccess file is not loading everything correctly.
  10. Hello guys, I am little stump on how to setup solder with Godaddy. Does anyone know how to do it? The main issue I think is setting up document root to public on Godaddy.
  11. Hello, I am the creator of Bullet Phase's Pokemon Pack found here The preview description pack box is grey unless you click "source" to see the BBCode of the pack. If I try to modify the code, it fixes the preview to see what you would see when you are not editing the pack, but when i try to edit it and save it, it does not save and reverts to the same thing. Any issue why this occurs?
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