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  1. Ok thank you for your hospitality oh and errr my cousins account ljason34 got banned since I got on it and got on the server and tried to prove my innocence. Will it be unbanned?? Cause it dosent matter since he dosent play anymore but I just want to know
  2. But I never hookshotted him out of the protection of the spawn. I only teased him and hookshotted him on the bridge or the protecting edge spawn but it never said " You have exited the protection of the spawn! " I would admit what I did wrong and face the punishment if I actually did it but this is just unfair. I didnt even have a chance to know what was going on when I was banned Anson didnt even question me. I mean I myself want to see the screenshots if it really is.
  3. I never hookshotted people out of spawn the screenshots look like it cause I only hookshotted him to a little bit off the bridge then I stopped then he came back and used titan band on me and took me outta spawn and killed me. I never killed him or took him out the protection of the spawn though. I mean im not one to break rules cause im not stupid its just unfair how I was framed for something I didnt do
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