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  1. Minecraft name-caseiscool90 tekkit classic expirance-i play about 70% of the time im on the computer andi watch yaogscast a TON Age-13 howlong?-about science i relized hat its aot simpler with whitelist so there r no jakasses why?-well so i don see any jakkasses an so that its kinda like a cool community falme war responses-i guess just huys stop seriosly is not a big deal- is=f i was in it.. i would aoligize log off and calm down then re-log and apoligize again.
  2. IGN caseiscool90 Age 13 Why Gearz? it looks like a very cool and sensible server with sensible staff, no need for stupid donaions and the fact that this evanrequires whitelist. What to build. probably a huge farm for me to sell food with carrots potatos whea ec. etc..
  3. in game name-caseiscool90 age-14 build- a big science lab with quarrys evry where and such... hopefully wth others