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  1. Hi! Are you still around? Your server sounds really cool but the thread hasn't been posted on in a while which worries me. Would love to be white-listed!

  2. White-list has been updated, jacob you're on it now - not sure why it didn't save beforehand.
  3. @Jacobcable, I can definitely respect having to take a break for school. Academics always come first, as hard as that may be sometimes. Good to see you would be down to earth, were you in any sort of argument. I've added you to the whitelist, hope to see you online. Bear in mind that spawn is sort of dinky at the moment, I haven't had time today to switch around warps and regions yet.
  4. @Sairiku, good app! It's always nice to see someone with the same mindset; I agree about selective whitelisting, and I've always found that being able to "screen" your players before they actually join is a good way to get to know them right off the bat. It's good to see that you've been in an administrative position before - while I don't think we'll have any issues in the server, it's nice to know that there is always someone who can keep their cool. Very strong application, I've added you to our white-list. @RyanWorley, glad to see there's someone out there who enjoys the Yogscast as much as I do As for your being griefed, bear in mind that we don't actively use protecting plugins. I don't expect any griefering around our server, though you can never be too sure. I would hate to lose a quality player just because someone else decided to ruin his fun. When I say 'flame war', I'm referring to a couple of keyboard warriors going at it over the public chat channel. I'll take your word that you're a peaceful guy, though, and assume that you'd stay level-headed in an argument. You've been added to our white-list, hope to see you on!
  5. This thread (and the server itself) is very new - expect updates and improvements over the next two weeks. Server IP : This server is intended to be very small-scale, with selective whitelisting. About this server: I originally started up this server only for people who attend my school, but with the lack of players lately, I've decided it's worth opening up to the public (sorta). This server doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of a typical Tekkit server, because I'm striving to keep things as simple as possible. The upside of this - more freedom. The downside? I had to whitelist it. My goal is to get enough players to make it worth it to keep this server online consistently, and deliver a very simplified, yet enjoyable, Tekkit experience. Rules: (Only a few) - No obscene or racist language, please. There aren't any kids around to hear, but still, try not to cross any lines (within reason, obviously). - No griefing! I can't stress this enough. While we do have protection plugins, I do not want to have to utilize them. - Chests are unlocked. This is to maintain that simplified experience. If you do intend to steal, please do it within reason - only take half a stack, a couple diamonds; nothing that will be missed. This is to add a little "theives' guild" dynamic to the server; if you are discovered abusing this leniency, you will be banned. Remember, this is a PvE server, so set some traps. If you're caught stealing red-handed, just give it up and head home. Blatantly jacking someone's loot right in front of them is grounds for a ban, and is not in the spirit of the server. - Play nice. Respect is the number one priority around here - it's good to see players that greet one another, actually have conversations, etc. Missing Mods: Nether Ores - JDK7 error. Regarding "EE Underground": "EE Underground" is a concept revolving again around the simplicity of the server. Some items have been disabled (a list will follow), but for the most part, EE is free game. Now, most people consider this mod to be "overpowered". I for one am in agreement. However, it would go against the principles of this server not to give the players free reign over it, therefore, EE is considered an illegal mod. What this means is, you are fully entitled to use EE tools and blocks, however, if you are caught in possession of them, they will be confiscated. Use at your own risk! EE items are very expensive - I wouldn't want you to lose all of that effort just because you did a poor job hiding them. Banned Items: - Furnaces - Most environment-altering tools (Destruction Catalyst, etc) - Swiftwolf's Rending Gale Plugins: - WorldEdit (Admins only) - WorldGuard (Admins only - this may change in the future) - Essentials / PEX Up-time Policy: As mentioned before, this server is run on a dedicated machine. However, it must be remotely hosted from one of two locations. The server will frequently be run on my laptop, a crappy IBM ThinkPad from the 1920's, with a tendency to BSOD. However, should there be a crash, you can be sure that I won't leave the server down for long. Ranks: At this point in time, ranks are not quite a reality - only when you first join will you have a few limited permissions. Within time, as you gain some trust, you'll be promoted. Applying: Please fill out the following form and post it below to have your case reviewed. - Minecraft Name: - Tekkit Classic Experience: - Age: - How long have you been looking for a server like this?: - Why do you want to play this server, and not some large-scale one?: - Have you ever been given the position of mod/admin on a server before?: - If you were to witness a flame war (provided there are no admins online), how would you react?: - Now, if you were IN that flame war, and an admin had to come to settle the argument, how would you react? Would you defend yourself? Apologize?: Changelog - 7 /11 | Begun construction on Spawn. Pictures for thread planned.
  6. You guys really should go back to the Tekkit Classic server, OceanTouch.