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  1. 1. The name of your MC account- camurro9 2. How old are you? 20 3. Where do you live? London, UK 4. What can you bring to the server? knowledge of all mods, I'm very helpful, and love building a community- towns etc... 5. Tell us briefly about yourself. I'm a student, but I'm currently on my summer so I've got a lot of time to kill. 6. Do you accept the rules? Yes 7. Why do you want to apply? As mentioned above, I've got a lot of time to kill. I need a tekkit classic server that has a nice bunch of people and isn't already too established. 8. Extra details or questions?
  2. Yo, is this still running? Am I still whitelisted? Questions!! (My exams are over and summer has begun so I might be able to come on now!)
  3. Hi, just a quick thing; I'm not sure it's supposed to be like this but Towny says I'm not allowed to build in the wild. (sorry if thats intended )
  4. IGN: camurro9 Real name(Optional): Josh Age: 19 Rate your Tekkit Knowledge 1-10: 8 Explain your rating: I've got an excellent knowledge of Redpower and ComputerCraft. (previous creations include a functioning frame elevator and a bank system with real payment cards.) Reason it's not 10 is because I'm not really into buildcraft, and it's maybe been a year since I've actually played tekkit. Why would you like to join our community in particular? Sounds exactly like the kind of place I want to be. One of my favourite things is making towns and so I'm glad that towny is installed. My only more favourite thing is making transport systems (Don't know why. Probably was a train driver in a past life.) What could you bring to our community: A good knowledge of tekkit, and I'd like to think I'm a nice, fun person to be around. I like building projects together and integrating things (towns etc..). I really enjoy making things that other people can use a lot- if I was going to stay out in the wilderness I'd play SSP. If I was less busy in real life I'd apply for some staff position, I've done it on a number of other servers. Any thoughts on the perks mentioned above? I'm not quite sure what this question means but I'm assuming it means 'perks of the server'? If so it's that both EE and CC are not banned, and that it has towny. If it means 'perks about me' then I am an amazing person. Little bit about me: I'm 19, at university in London studying medicine. I like computer games and watching american sitcoms. The mindy project is currently my favourite. I drink tea in such vast quantities it probably isn't healthy. Other thoughts: My least favourite character in the avengers is Nick Fury. EDIT: Ew the colours are all weird help.
  5. Not gonna be at my computer for a while to whitelist you. You've got my approval though, so if you log on get a staff member to White you and point at this thread. Sorry!
  6. Sorry, I guess I must have mis-spelled your name or something. This is the problem I face when whitelisting is the first thing I do in the morning: my brain isnt awake yet. EDIT: Nope, just checked it. You should be able to build. Have you walked far enough away from spawn. You should be about 200 blocks away and you get a message saying "Now leaving Airhaven". After that you can build
  7. whited! Also, removed rule 7a) because it just seems to confuse people and tekkit restrict stops EMC farms from working proper anyway.
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