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  1. This is a thread to post some suggestions for mods to add to the modpack. Don't come in here slinging giant mods left and right. I want to see some of the smaller mods that can add to the overall experience of the modpack. Personally, I would like to see both the Iron Chest Mod and the Crafting Pillars mod added to the pack. I know there are storage systems but I think the iron chest mod offers one of the best storage capacities. As for the Pillars mod, seeing as how the whole pack is designed around being a mad scientist what's more mad scientist than Holographic displays and a trash can
  2. I was playing on a server and went to change the key for drop, but something happened and now I can't even get to the title screen for BTeam. I only get to the Mojang screen. I've been playing on the server for at least a week now and this is the first time this has happened. Attached is the most recent crash log. http://pastebin.com/iZmnT2p3
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