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  1. I got bored from waiting from getting whitelisted But I have this copied in notepad :P
  2. this will be a pain in the butt for me to find trees and mine... It'll be a pain for the first day on the server :P
  3. I just really want to play on the server, I hae been whitelisted but haven't Been able to go on... So just waiting until Saturday 9pm GMT, Which is 4pm EST! Not TOO long to wait...
  4. Oh I thought you were using a server you had to run Sounds great! I can't wait for the sever to be up I Think the server is borking XD
  5. I figured out how you fix the username thing! Ok go to edit your run.bat (To edit it, to edit it change it to .txt then back to .bat after you edit Next, look at the txt file... If it does not say -o true, or it says -o false Your server is cracked... Therefore it is offline mode( I DANG HATE CRACKED MINECRAFT I MEAN COME ON ITS ONLY 25 DOLLARS XD ) So switch it to online mode (do -o true after Whatever its named.jar Example: java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true PAUSE and save it as run.bat Run it from the new run.bat and your serer should not have the: Failed to verify username
  6. I figured out how you fix the Failed to verify username bug, Look at my next post on the thread
  7. Well that sucks... I was looking forward to playing on this server...
  8. Yeah I know I paid for it, and I can play on regular minecraft servers and all tekkit servers too, but this server is the only one...
  9. You said you whitelisted me... When I log on it says: Failed to verify username, session authentication server unavailable! Why does that say that? Can you re whitelist me or something? Here is info: IGN:KoolMelonz Gender:Male Why I want to join:I finally found a whitelisted Tekkit lite server with a nice but small community and no PVP :)
  10. So can you add me? IGN: KoolMelonz (I meant no PVP I changed it *facepalm*
  11. May I join the server? IGN: KoolMelonz Gender: Male Why I want to join?: I want a small, but nice community with whitelist and no PVP found one!
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