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  1. Instructions here https://yogscast.com/showthread.php?46534-MOD-Hack-Slash-Mine!-%28Magical-Loot-System-Randomized-Dungeons-and-More!!!%29 unspoiler Download and Instructions, unspoiler windows, unspoiler server, follow the video and read the instructions. it worked for me (playing right now!)
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    My Thoughts on food, instead of removing it altogether, you could use it to increase your health regeneration for a short period of time, I know that the health regen is already pretty fast but perhaps toning it down, then making food give a health regen value of some sort would make food useful again, obviously bread and cookies might not heal alot, but steaks and chops would be ideal.
  3. Something I've always wanted to see in minecraft would be the Creepop, baby creepers with better design than "scale=-50% creeper model" like below (and its adorable!!!). [img width=500] I know underwater mobs and dungeons have already been discussed so i won't comment on that. But I've always wanted to see more passive or passive/aggressive mobs in minecraft. Creepop's (as my example) would be adorable and react to being attacked by turning a little frown and blowing up, maybe even with a loud "pop" when it explodes instead of the normal TNT noise. Flighted birds of some kind would be fun to hunt down for feathers (in turn for arrows, which reminds me, gravel doesn't seem to drop flint anymore, bug or feature?) . Also i know Frizzle said he wanted more depth to mobs than "Dire this" and "Dire that" but i think its acceptable to have such as long as you put a little design into it and make it semi-reasonable that the mob is there, Dire pigs (boars?) are fine as long as you can tell the difference between it and a normal pig (tusks? I'd like that), anybody agree with me on that?.
  4. I've checked out this mod and I (speaking only for myself) am severely impressed by the full blown makeover this mod does to minecraft. Frankly, it's like playing a whole new game (apologies for the Yogscast reference) and I'm excited to see what else this mod will present in the future. The kind of code-crafting that you put into this mod shows you at least have a clue what your doing and rewriting a good chunk of how Minecraft works is impressive. For my own curiosity and to share with the other asshat prima donnas of the Technic forums I have a few questions I want to ask. 1) How much is this "your" mod: would you be offended by other people modifying the source code or adding (game) elements of their own? 2) How do you feel about mod compatibility? particularly dealing with Forge and the coming official Minecraft API that mojang will release in the future? 3) What are some of your favorite features you've added so far? what are your least favorites? anything you are particularly proud of? 4) Any sneak-peek ideas you would like to share with the community before you actually implement into the mod? new mobs? new skills? new classes? ect...? 5) More on mod compatibility, what are your feelings about adding compatibility (randomly generated weapon enchantments?) for new weapons and armor from other mods? Balkon's Weapon Mod and Battlegear Mod come to mind. 6) How about compatibility for mobs from other mods? Mo' Creatures (sans scorpions) being the popular example? I presume you are working on making Vanilla mobs compatible at present, but what about the other. 7) Any plans for new passive mobs? as much as I'm overjoyed by seeing farm animals, some new fictional animals would be a sight for sore eyes. Extra Credit: What is your favorite pizza and how much is an Extra Large +10% tip at your favorite pizza joint?
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