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  1. How about a spell that lets you sacrifice an animal, to turn it into a spawn egg. Which you can use later. Now to prevent lag, you could just make it reduce the max animal count, until the egg is used to destroyed.
  2. Sword of Stabb-Stabby-Killy-Killy Mace of Mashinging Keyboard Bow of Medium Size Long Short Bow of Length Magical Wand and Magically Magical Magic Witty Rapier Boots of Walking Single Legging of the Pirate Body of Armour Crown of Gold Rubishness
  3. Oooh I'd also love to play as an Ogre. They'd have to be 3.5/4 tall, and 2 wide... And have a huge Fortitude.
  4. Just for the sake of everyone having 1 place to look to see other peoples suggested races and classes! I think it might prompt some ideas off other people, so lets go. Races I'd like to see playable: Orcs Naga Classes/Subclasses I'd like to see: Alchemist/Philospher (Healing and some non-combat abillities, like to consume items to create other - magical? - items.) Potion Master (Potion ingredients drop from plants and mobs killed by a Potion Master, spawns with a brewing stand and 64 bottles. Main weapon is splash Potions. Maybe an ability to Buff Potions or remove Debuffs?)
  5. Just out of pure interest what mobs would everyone like to see added? I would quite like to see colonies of Silverfish as a threat, similar to a dungeon, but with the Silverfish actively deforesting (and removing planks and bookcases) from their area, and making a paper/wood nest. It'd be great to see an actively defended dungeon, which may only be level 3 or 4 but require a much higher level to properly conquer.
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