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  1. If you're looking for another, I'd like to join. Age: 23 IGN: Ezuru1 Skype: SonofEzuru Maturity: College Level.
  2. I would love to have a spot. IGN: Ezuru1 Skype: SonofEzuru Age: 23
  3. Hey guys. Sorry I missed today ISP issues all day hoping things will be corrected tomorrow.
  4. Care for some tea, Mr. Squid?

  5. IGN: Ezuru1 Age: 23 I am in college and full time employed and would love a small server to fill my time in between. I would be on a few hours each day. I would like to start a project in co-ordination with another/other players. Three years experience with Vanilla. A year and a half on "Classic" tekkit while just starting Tekkit Lite. Eager to learn what's new.
  6. Greetings! I am Zachary and I am a 23 year old college student looking to fill a bit of free time with Tekkit Lite. English is my primary language. I have three years experience with Vanilla minecraft and a year and a half with "Classic" tekkit. I am still getting the hang of Tekkite lite. IGN is Ezuru1 If you need to, you may locate me via Skype, Handle SonofEzuru. Thank you for considering me.
  7. I'm afraid the problem has NOT been solved. I was online again today this morning and Mega came online at approx 10 A.M this morning. Without saying a word to me, he banned me citing reason "The Ban Hammer has Spoken" Likely due to my speaking out about his abuses yesterday. Posting screenshot http://postimg.org/image/5p28hvcth/b1d6b104/ I would appreciate if this were looked into. I'm afraid I will be unable to play on the server as long as this admin is holding a grudge against me.
  8. Shadowed Soul / Papa Smurf. I hate to do this so suddenly, but I have a complaint. As I joined in this morning, I, and a few other players were being griefed by an "[Admin+]Mega". Within seconds of spawning, Mega used the smite command on me and the others repeatedly at spawn. After dying no less than six times, I did manage to leave spawn and avoided the griefing for about three minutes, when a command was used that killed all players on the map. A few minutes later, he repeatedly sent players to an area in the ocean and did not allow them to leave until they drowned. Finally, I was asked if I was "PROOO" at Tekkit Lite, to which I said I would not give a response. And for this I was banned "Reason STFU". I have since been able to get back in, but I felt this person needed to be reported as he clearly needs to grow up, or needs his staff rights taken away. Please look into this. Ezuru. Thank you admin team! This problem was promptly taken care of, and I feel much at ease. Excellent staff otherwise!
  9. Thank you for your time Shadowed Soul. I shall be on first thing in the morning after work! Happy mining!
  10. Hello! I am a 23 year old college student looking to fill extra time each day playing Tekkit. Minecraft Username: Ezuru1 Age: 23 English I am looking for member status. But if a staff position comes up, There's a first time for everything. A few hours daily. (Unless work or school throws a curveball) I have played on too many public servers to count; Primarily Classic tekkit. I have been on two Private servers however. I have 3 years Vanilla experience, as well as about a year and a half "Classic Tekkit". I am Fairly new to "Tekkit Lite" but am willing to learn. A good member is someone who takes the time to read rules before stampeding out of spawn. A good member is someone who answers the questions of newer players if they can. A good member is one that does not push other players or start conflicts. Male Anything else you would like to include in your application? No, not really, thanks for asking! :)
  11. Name: Zachary Minecraft Username: Ezuru1 Age: 23 Your long term minecraft project: Become a house servant to another player and assist in their goals and construction Why you want to play on this server: I've played "Classic Tekkit" for a few years online and wish to see what "Tekkit Lite" has to offer. I am looking for a whitelist server with mature players to explore and see what the game has to offer.
  12. Username: Ezuru1 Age: 23 Why Tekkitopia? I've played "Classic Tekkit" online for about a year now, and wish to venture into the world of "Tekkit Lite" to see what it has to offer. As such, I wish to find a mature server with which to explore and play with others. Your secret code:5Ezu
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