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  1. there is some weird bug with the forum email and it wont send emails sometimes. Admins dont believe you when you tell them it is a problem, cause it works most all the time. It is the reason i have this silly backup account, instead of my main account. IT wont send an email for my main account.
  2. Item Routers are in this version. Is one of us high???
  3. Because while it is one person that would make the call, i thought perhaps others might like to post feedback on the idea. It might have deep flaws or be even better than i thought.
  4. Crazy idea for you. How about a 0.9 build that is a early 1.6.4 build of Tekkit? The point would be to see how the currently available mods are working. And as more mods are added see how they work. Not asking for a latest or even a beta. just for testing.
  5. the first time i did it it did not work. i needed to refresh the page before it would see my solder
  6. These instruction do not include a link to solder or mention that solders Github has additional instructions that need to be followed in order to install solder. Specifically "Next, copy application/config-sample to application/config and public/.htaccess-sample to public/.htaccess." link It should be noted that it seems that the dev 0.3 branch this line 'repo_location' => '/var/www/public/mods/' will make your directory structure /var/www/public/mods/mods/[modslug]/ Note the TWO /mods
  7. My account LargePrime cant get a password reset email. This account can. I briefly talked to sct on IRC and he said the problem was on my end. I randomly selected a few forums and asked for password resets and had no issues. In talking to a few people in IRC it seems this is a common issue. Is there any way to get my password reset? Thanks