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  1. I had to remove the levelup mod and reliquary mod to get the 3.0.0c working so bad that you have to remove mods to get the modpack working ;(
  2. I'm looking into get a okay working 1.7.10 server with minimum crash etc but idk when it will come out tho! :3
  3. Hello i'm hob (you don't know lol?) I was the owner of Realm Network.. Now i'm going back to the roots by rebooting my old server (moltenminecraft). So i want to make the hexxit that i had back then, there was some errors back then but now i have great team of devs and staff, and i want in a way to make the next great/good? hexxit out there. But as i want the player voice of the this server i want to know what 'YOU!' want on the server. Regards, *signed name stolen by signature hobbits!*
  4. Hello Bailey16, I have to post my changelog when ever i get time. :=)
  5. I will update the download with the new hexxit files and debug most of the bugs when hexxit gets more stable
  6. I might, Well the server mods is edited a lot so putting into a new might give error here and there, but i might jump into the files and fix some of errors. haha its okay
  7. Read the thread... It does not look like im showing off my server or anything, just give out my old server files. That is very true!!
  8. Hello everyone i'm hob or hobiten anyway i'm here today to give out my server files for hexxit as its getting old for me and i'm moving on to other modpacks / projects, This file got a fully working server with my own fixed mods that i have fixed waaay back when it came out, i have fixed and fixed for 3-4 months on does files and i think that i have fixed some of the crash that can be found in the pack but there is allways that litte bug that i have not found YET.. anyway take care NOTE!!: I have removed Towny and some other plugins as does are custom fixed to work with hexxit &
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