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  1. I was a douche? i was asking questions, some simple questions and he was acting like a douche, insulting me
  2. I must say, the server is not good at all, no offence but there is a douche bag mod, its _volt something and i was griefed by some people who scammed me. I liked the server at first but here is some advice. GET BETTER STAFF PLEASE... and furthermore I am refraining from going to this server anymore, goodbye
  3. Hey man, its been 24 hours since we posted our applications... you need someone else to help you whitelist people because we are getting impatient, thanks


  4. sillibird, its been 24 hours since my post... when will we be whitelisted?
  5. 1. Could you whitelist roaryrocks and T0y50ldierBLOWK? 2. Yes, we both agree. 3. Do you need any staff? I'm mature, responsible and would be glad to help. 4. Above ^ 5. No, no bans are on record. 6. N/A 7. Me and my friend have been looking for a good server without banned items. 8. Yes, but the server were covered in griefers and the servers CRASHED alot.
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