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  1. thanks mate, but i rather not play than start tekkit over again. my friends are setting up a feed the beast server, so I might play it sometime, but since its using 1.5.2... i guess shit will go down soon xD good day
  2. been waiting for a new tekkit release since 1.0.10 (or something). me and my friend got all build on our world and we dont wanna start all over again! so, any ideas how to make the world not crash? part of me is in that world and I dont wanna keep playing 1.0.10!!!! I might give feed the beast a chance this time around =
  3. thank you, it was the lack of leafs i dont care to much about fashion, its just to bring my friends without a suit to the moon xD
  4. hi guys. do your oxygen sealers randomly stop working? http://dragon-scale-studios.com/imaga/index.php/main/image/1f03a93db9b913410638bc010c7a8678.jpg i tried taking of the glass, but is just the same. the room is rectangular (14 x 8) and the "oxygen slealer" covers the 11x11 from where its positioned. thanks
  5. can anyone tell me which cables work between an engine and a furnace? thanks
  6. "Added qCraft 1.0.1 New quantum ore generated at lower depths, even on existing maps. See qcraft.org for more info." is this applied to dedicated server? cause i made a quick check and I see no quantum ore :p
  7. is this the official wiki: "wiki.technicpack.net/Tekkit" ok, i just read this: "Added qCraft 1.0.1 New quantum ore generated at lower depths, even on existing maps. See qcraft.org for more info." oi
  8. hi guys. i got an old dedicated server 1.0.6, already updated to 1.1.10, but, do i need to do anything else to spawn uranium ore on the old map, or something else? do I need to "rechunk" (i think thats the name). boyakaxa
  9. already got that = ) now just wandering, in the REC, does it make any difference changing the MJ/t? (the config inside the machine) Thanks!!
  10. god. had no idea that i could change the cables thing color... btw, is there any difference if I set the output to 100 MJ/t ?
  11. every side of the REC looks red... anyways, im trying to figure out how to "just output" power
  12. only the ones that were close to it. i put it like this and it seems to work fine: "http://dragon-scale-studios.com/imaga/index.php/main/image/516a260a40e9c471c0b8b50a6be4a1e0.jpg" and i looked into the wiki: " as they only transfer power in one direction" thanks anyway =)
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