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  1. Not a cracked Minecraft, A cracked Tekkit/Technic. THERE IS NO SUCH THING!
  2. I get SO annoyed when people say they play "Cracked"! I bought MC LEGIT from day 1. Besides, Just play the demo. Spend 99 minutes mining, and 1 minute building!
  3. Please don't leave stuff on my profile asking for help. I won't. Period.

  4. Start new every update is my motto! If you don't want to start new, just doss about for a bit and see what happens. You may end up getting a pinned thread at the top of one of the best boards on the forum! Also, more on topic, Your world's dead. If you still have the save somewhere, delete the "TechnicSSP" folder in the ".techniclauncher" root folder and choose the version you used to use. Then if it asks you to update... Don't!
  5. Thanks Cheap! That's really helpful! (By the way, That's one of my favourites!) I think I might have to invest in a tablet, just for fun!
  6. I would totally be interested! PM me for my details!
  7. I'd love to help. I've got a low to medium knowledge of CC and a medium to high knowledge of RP2. If you want me, PM me because I don't want my Skype name publicly on the forum. I could also be on teamspeak. However I would need the I.P. and password (If applicable). If you also need EE2, I'm your man!
  8. Thinking about Minecraft power issues and how I'm so bad at making nuclear reactors!

  9. In the initial post, you said you where on a server. I would love to come and help out! If you would like any help, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm good with EE so if you need any of that doing, I would be glad to help. I can also make a pretty competent milker, shroomer or dark room. Also, If you let me on, I could make a YouTube video and you I could upload it so you can embed it into this thread maybe? 3 questions and a suggestion; 1. Are you on survival or creative? In 11 days I would say you could do it in survival at a squeeze, but it looks too perfect! 2. Why so many MFSUs? And why in the same room? 3. If you wouldn't want me on the server... Could we please have a world download!?!? THANKS! Suggestion: A frame quarry! If you want to know hot to make one, search up "Direwolf20" on YouTube then search his channel with the query "Frame Quarry". A suggestion from me though, make it horizontal and underground with the bottom frame at level 12 (1 level above lava). Thanks!
  10. Thanks Cheap! I've got some technical problems at the moment so I will try to get some ASAP. You've made my day!
  11. Personally, I think it SHOULD... But can't because of ALL the permissions. (Including Portal Gun which states clearly on the thread "Q: Can I add this mod into a mod pack? A: Sorry, but I do not allow this mod in mod packs, other than AMCO by Arrrg and FTB modpack by Slowpoke." So we can't. That's an important part of the pack, Especially if you watch his videos.