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  1. So the packs seem to load fine then it closes the launcher to start the actuall game and then the launcher shows right back up and the game doesn't launch. Here is the console for it: [b#439] Expected MD5: 460ffeedae268dc70c8210ce179fa44a Calculated MD5: 460ffeedae268dc70c8210ce179fa44a [b#439] Expected MD5: d21c2a06a4e6b175aa01e328f38a1182 Calculated MD5: d21c2a06a4e6b175aa01e328f38a1182 [b#439] Expected MD5: a3e3c3186e41c4a1a3027ba2bb23cdc6 Calculated MD5: a3e3c3186e41c4a1a3027ba2bb23cdc6 [b#439] Expected MD5: 1372bd4823bb1ef61e7db6724f601150 Calculated MD5: 1372bd4823bb1ef61e7db6724f6
  2. So i accidentally deleted all the B-team files permanently from my computer and then b-team wouldn't run (no surprise). So i decided to uninstall then re install it (so deleting the launcher then re downloading it. However now when i re download it the B-team files never get re-downloaded. It like i set it to permanently delete
  3. Not sure if im only one but for some reason the email for verification wont show up in any of my inbox's even my spam. I'm using a yahoo email.
  4. The varification email for my acount wont send

  5. I did read it all the way and i checked and re downloaded just in case(i may have done it wrong though). Ive been warned by the moderator apparently for posting in the wrong area so....were would i post this stuff. Or email me what i should do please!!!!
  6. My problem is that i need to allocate more memory and i cant select more than 1GB for Technic launcher. I have an Alienware 17inch and i am running 64-bit java. Here is my most recent log that i tried to run attack of the B-team. P.S. i dragged the game window to the top of the screen and my display driver failed!!! Hellllp!!!!!!! I have made link to a public google doc of the log:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oiIPbcwzheRNzTxZ84u_JbXZx7MC5YxPYsjxXbMuk84/edit?usp=sharing
  7. So I cant select more than 1GB of Ram to allocate for Technic Launcher. How would I fix this. Im using windows 7 home premium for my computer. And i have the most recent Java version. I also have an Alienware 17inch computer so it has nothing to do with the hardware. Help please im getting bored of not playing Attack on the B-team.
  8. Could i drop box the file of my already made mod to you. I can do folder and .zip and .jar whatever just give me ur email or something.
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