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  1. He also said before he jailed me permanent, he said he jailed me for 6 hours! 6 hours! Are you kidding me!? It's bad enough he didn't have a reason, but then he was planning on jailing me for 6 hours for his lame excuse saying that Trolling is against the rules!? And before that, a whole new problem, he was muted me for 2 days! 2 days! 2 days for starting an argument that I did not intentionally start, and did not want to start. I was simply making a valid point and then some fools had to start arguing too. It was me and another person at the start. So it was not my choice. Anyway Ubur, please talk to Pro and sort this stuff out.
  2. Hello Ubur, it's Sean from the server. I just got jailed for Trolling at spawn. Which is not in the rule book what so ever. Projectgamer jailed me, and has jailed me in the past for not a Solid Reason. He jailed me for Trolling. Which like I said is not in the rule. If he is going to jail me for something, it better be a rule. I suggest you specifiy your rule book more clearly so he can jail for solid reasons. He also muted me for defending myself and then later perm jailed me until you will get on and think of a punishment. He had no reason to jail me and I would like for you to get on and talk to him. And un-mute and un-jail me if you feel suit to do that. This is why we need forums on a website, so we can post problems like this. This gone way to far and I feel that soon if this continues I will have to leave. And I really do not want to do that. But I will have no choice to. I feel that he is abusing his powers for his own personal gain. He told me that Trolling falls into the category of Common Sense. He had no way to back that up and I don't see how that is a reason to jail. A real reason to jail me is if I were hacking or being disrespectful to Staff, which I was not. I hope you get on a talk to Pro and figure out this problem. Because this cannot go on.
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